Hello, I'm Zoe, a professional photographer from Swindon, Wiltshire, who loves capturing moments that can be treasured forever. I suppose you could say that my love of photography started at a very young age; at airshows to be exact. To escape the boredom of watching countless planes at 7 years of age, ('Look Zoe, it's the Red Arrows performing the "Concorde Bend",' shouts my Dad, 'Get your camera ready!'), my parents always gave me several rolls of camera film to entertain myself with. Cue an expensive trip to Boots to get them processed, only to find that in the majority of photographs, there was just a shot of the sky, or a dot resembling some form of a Tornado jet....I had to start somewhere!

Fast forward many years later, my passion for photography continues to grow. Whether it's family holidays (which always seem to pour with rain), special occasions or even a walk in the great outdoors, my camera is always by my side. Last year, myself and my husband welcomed our second child Freddie in October 2017. This gave me the wonderful opportunity to capture some newborn shots which I thoroughly enjoyed creating. To this day, I look back on them with such fondness and love. It takes me right back to those early days when I just couldn't stop staring at him; his head, a crazy mass of brown curls not yet rubbed bald from lying in his Moses basket, those big brown eyes gazing intently, trying to focus on me,  that newborn 'smell' as he nuzzled into my neck. Just Wow.

And then he changed, he began to uncurl from his foetal position, he became more alert, he started to come alive, letting his developing personality shine through. His fluffy newborn hair that I enjoyed tickling with my fingers was starting to disappear, that 'smell' was fading. But when I look back at those photographs I first took of him, those captured memories always come flooding back; they are vivid, treasured and will be loved forever more. 


I would love every new parent to experience these feelings and moments, it is such a special time and it's true when people say 'Make the most of these first few weeks as a new family, time goes so quickly...' IT REALLY DOES!

At Zoe Childs Photography, I would be honoured and privileged to have the opportunity to capture your beautiful journey to parenthood and beyond.  From maternity sessions to newborns and the exciting milestones that your children will encounter, I can't wait to create a moment in time for you to treasure forever. 

I look forward to meeting you!



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