If you are looking for a baby photographer in Swindon then look no further!


Older babies are from 10 weeks and upwards. From around 10 weeks until baby is sitting up, these sessions are all about expressions. The ideal age for the older baby sessions is from around six months or from when they can sit unaided.


These sessions are completely led by the baby or toddler as we all know it’s impossible to get a toddler to sit still! There is lots of time to play and many toys to entertain them with. However, please feel free to bring along a favourite toy of theirs as well or if there was something specific you wanted included in the photographs. There are a variety of backdrops and props we can use for this age and I would advise you bring a couple of changes of clothes for variety, keeping to neutral colours so your images last a lifetime.


The sessions normally last from 45 mins to 1 hour.

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