'His tiny, delicate fingers, entwine with mine. He is all curled up as if he were still in my womb.  Thick, curly eyelashes flutter as he sighs, pouting his delicate, soft lips towards me. Feeling his soft head against my chest, a sweet 'newborn smell' reminds me of just how new and pure he is.'


When I look back at my children's newborn photographs, they take me right back to that moment, they allow me to relive those feelings and emotions again and again. 


Photographing those beautiful moments, especially within the first two weeks of your baby's life, is something I am so passionate about. I am fully trained and qualified in posing newborns safely and correctly. My specialist newborn photography sessions are a wonderful way to capture one of the most special and magical moments of your life which means you will have memories that last forever.


(This session can also include a complimentary Mini Maternity Session which is a 20 min session, done at approx 30-35 weeks into your pregnancy).

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