Clothing and Christmas Captures

Hello all! First of all, apologies for not blowing anything at all since our September launch. I will make it my focus to ensure you get to read all my ramblings and exciting studio ventures in the coming months!

So... I have had a few people message me who have booked a Christmas Mini Session, asking me what is the best clothing to wear. So I've produced this....

But for those who find this writing a tad small (I have the same issue too...) I will also post the tips below.

What to wear:

-For me, its all about the neutrals colours as they compliment each other so nicely.

-Denim, whites, greys and beiges are great! (and maybe some dusty pink or light gold!)

-These will look timeless and classic and will never date the look of your precious photos.

-For children, anything sparkly that is of a neutral colour will also add to the festive feel of the photographs!

Alternative clothing ideas:

-As this year’s Christmas scene is a rustic snowy one, complete with sleigh and snow, you may want to bring coats, hats, gloves etc and put the children in them for the sleigh shots. This can also work well for the Christmas snow globe capture.

-Alternatively, you can always bring a set of festive pj’s which will look equally fun! Remember to keep the colours neutral if you can.

Dos and Don'ts

-Very dark colours will dominate the image so try to resist wear ing all black (however much you might want to!)

- Denim is great but avoid navy as it doesn’t photograph well

-Avoid patterns, and logo’s, they may seem cool at the time but will look dated very quickly.

I really hope this is of some use to you and I know I've said it A LOT in the last few weeks, but I'm so excited to meet you all and capture your children's laughter, happiness and fun during the session.

See you very soon!

Zoe xxx


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